Tagged Tea Bags

Blended from the finest tea leaves, our tagged bags are convenient for individual servings

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Tagged Tea Bags

Top Tea is an economical and affordable tea that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our tagged tea bags are designed for individual use, offering sunshine in a cup with each bag of big flavor.

Top Tea is blended from the finest tea leaves sourced from top tea estates across the globe to create a premium tea blend that is enriched with flavonoid antioxidants and relaxing theanine. Our tea also contains 50mg of natural mild caffeine per cup, to revitalise you and give you a gentle boost of energy.

  • Product Features
    • Hand picked quality.
    • Unique & superior blend of 100% pure black teas sourced from top tea estates around the world (camellia sinensis).
    • Naturally contains Anti-oxidants and Theanine.
    • Natural mild caffeine content: < 50mg
      per cup.
  • Consumer Benefits
    • Can be enjoyed either hot with/without milk, or cold with ice and fruit juice.
    • Better flavour and aroma, richer colour, quicker infusion and strong enough to make two cups.
    • Blended by our master blenders for consistent high quality all year round.
    • Mild caffeine content gives you a lift when you need it most.
  • Packaging
    • Packed in laminate foil packaging to ensure ultimate freshness.
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