Blended from the finest tea leaves, Top Tea is a superior quality tea that is enriched with flavonoid antioxidants and relaxing theanine, promoting healthy living to all who enjoy it.

Top Tea brings you superior quality tea with rich flavour and aroma in every economical cup.

Top Tea launched in Nigeria in April 1988 and has been the leading distributor of refreshing and superior tea blends in this country ever since. Our product is sourced and hand-picked from top tea estates around the world and packed in Nigeria. Our master blenders only use the top two leaves and a bud to ensure consistent quality all year round as well as a tea rich in flavour, colour and aroma. Top Tea infuses quickly and each economical bag is strong enough for two cups.

For ease of use Top Tea comes in a various formats to cater for all occasions. Our big round teabags are perfect for brewing large pots of tea for events and special family occasions. Our square tagged and tagless bags, meanwhile, are well suited for smaller pots or individual cups. Whatever the occasion, a cup of soothing Top Tea is guaranteed to make any gathering a pleasant one.