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Top Tea origins and health benefits

Around the world, there is one drink that is enjoyed by almost everyone. One drink that is healthy for you in so many different ways. One drink that always brings people together. That drink is tea and Top Tea is one of the best.

Tea originated in China, where it was seen as medicinal drink that could cure many ills. Tea eventually became a recreational drink and spread to other East Asian countries. Portuguese merchants introduced the drink to Europe in the 16th century and it became popular in Britain around 100 years later. Teatime is now a British staple and life would be unthinkable without a good cuppa on a regular basis.

The word tea comes from the Min Chinese word “thee” and was made popular by Dutch traders in the early 17th century. Others around the world refer to tea as “chai”, which comes from the Cantonese word “chàh”.

Not only is tea delicious and refreshing, it’s also got many health benefits. Tea contains antioxidants, which help keep us young. It contains far less caffeine than coffee and herbal teas have no caffeine at all. Tea may also reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke. Studies have shown that the risk of heart disease is reduced in those that drink one to three cups of green tea per day. Studies have also shown that tea may boost your immune system.

So now there’s even more reason for a refreshing cup of Top Tea. It’s made from a blend of only the finest hand-picked teas, and available in a range of delicious flavours: traditional black, Lemon & Lime and Ginger. All come in a variety of different pack sizes for your convenience. So the next time you feel like a cuppa, reach for refreshing, delicious Top Tea.

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